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The Bay Cities Joint Powers Insurance Authority (BCJPIA) is a joint powers insurance authority consisting of fifteen cities, four towns, one police authority, and one fire authority located within 100 miles of the City of Emeryville, California.

BCJPIA was created in 1986 to develop effective risk management programs to reduce the amount and frequency of losses; to share the risk of self-insured losses; and to jointly purchase and provide administrative and other services including, but not limited to claims adjusting, data processing, risk management, loss prevention, accounting services, actuarial services, and legal services in connection with the program.


BCJPIA has met all of the stringent professional standards established by the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA) in the areas of governance, finance, claims control, safety and loss prevention, excess coverage, and risk management. CAJPA’s accreditation process requires reviews by independent consultants in all of the foregoing areas, including accounting, claims management, and actuarial analysis. BCJPIA is proud to have received an “Accreditation with Excellence,” the highest designation possible from the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities.

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